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  • steveredlish steveredlish Jan 13, 2007 12:46 PM Flag

    Forbes 1/29/07 issue

    Hope those engineers Garmin hired are working on the right stuff and the patents they own are more than smoke. Todays issue of Forbes describes a futuristic car to car navigation system that Toyota, GM and Honda are exploring. In a nutshell it's - where are the other cars and what are they doing.

    The telling statement is "GM has had five software engineers working for about two years to write the controlling software, now up to 4,000 lines of instructions."

    Ok, so now I feel much better about the Garmin unit that tells me where those ten dogs are and what are they doing.

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    • Said 4,000 lines but could have meant 400,000. No difference to me no matter how tight the code is. If 5 engineers and 2 years can make a dent in Garmin's know how, I have made a major portfolio mistake. (Wouldn't be my first one)

      I doubt that this article is truly representative of what financial writers and analysts know about GPS applications. On the other hand, in the midst of the dot com explosion, Mary someone or other from Forbes wrote about how was going to change the landscape of pharmacy retailing.

      For me this is just another reason that facts and informed opinions from members of this board will carry a lot of weight in terms of deciding when to buy more or sell.

    • huh? 4000 lines of code, "five software engineers working for about two years"?

      That's either very, very tight code, or a typo. I might believe 400,000 lines of code...

    • Garmin has a product that has been available to hunters for a couple years now that shows where all members of your hunting party are, (as long as everyone has the unit).

      Also, in aviation, Garmin is / has been / continues working on the new transponders / collision avoidance systems. Traffic is monitored by air traffic control, but also by individual airplanes so that everyone in the neighborhood is aware of all of the other planes in the area. Speed, directions, vertical speed are all projected out and any potential collision scenarios are anticipated and avoided. Also, collisions with terrain is tracked as well.

      All of Garmin's experience and success (and I assume, patents) in aviation are a hugh asset in the auto business.

      The inflection point is coming up on about a dozen fronts at once. Exciting times for sure!

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