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  • jrm6591 jrm6591 Aug 29, 2007 2:58 PM Flag

    New product: Edge 705

    I too am looking forward to the 605 and the 705 hitting the market. I've been wanting the 305 but it did not have maps. Finally they are going to make that available. I'm not so interest in sharing as I know the routes in my area but if I could go into a bike shop in another area of the country and download routes from them into my handlebar mounted GPS unit it would be great. Wouldn't have to be watching the intersection signs so close as the unit would let me know when to turn. I e-mailed the press release to many of my cycling friends and these units sound like they will sell good in my group.

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    • I just checked Amazon and the Forerunner is in the top 25 items; number 24. Garmin has 3 in the top 25 and Pom Pom hsa just the number 12 position.

      Therefore the Forerunner is just behind the best Pom Pom auto PND. These side markets are worth going after, they help establish the brand, distribution channels, partnerships, AND maby make a little KACHING along the way.

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      • I continue to be amazed by Garmin. This sounds like a great product that will quickly dominate the serious bike rider market. Now, when those same people go out to buy a Christmas auto device for the little lady, what brand will they buy? Duh. Let me ask you this. How many telephone devices to you own? Include fax machines. How many time devices do you own? Include clocks and any appliance that displays time. For me and my little business? 17 phones. Probably three times that for clocks. In ten years you will own a pile of GPS enabled devices. Most of them will be Garmin with Navteq inside. I'm still not selling.

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