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  • steveredlish steveredlish Dec 23, 2007 8:07 PM Flag

    Outside of the box

    Let's face it 40% margins aren't sustainable. Great tech companies are innovators. Folks that like RIMM and AAPl like them because they are at the front of what' new that has appeal/usefulness to the average consumer. Opportunities in the arena of GPS have hardly been scratched. I would like to hear from all you guys/girls that are lot smarter than me. Where does GPS go from here? Why will Garmin be part of that future or just another Popeil pocket fisherman.

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    • It's not about the GPS its about the quality of there maps for all these sectors. GRMN does not own any maps. They have to purchase them from Nokia. Why not just buy a Nokia or TT that have their own maps. You will probably get updates faster, cheaper, and better.

      Good luck long or short!

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      • We are in the beginning of the use phase for GPS. The current use is to find a specfic location or to find out what is around you-points of interest. The primary current use is for helping a moving object get togather with a stationary thing.
        In the future multiple uses will spring up for helping moving things that need to get togather get togather-think of a fireman down with smoke inhalation whoose medtronics device has noted the situation and brings the paramedic to him.
        It will also be used to keep moving things apart from stationary things-think of airplanes in mountainous terrain and for keeping moving things apart that need to stay apart-like airplanes or trains using the same track. It will also be used for making things that need to move in sync stay in sync-think airplanes in the sky on approach or in the long run cars on a crowded highway.
        If you have listened to the NVT calls you know they are alrady working on technology for lane departure and similar hazards.
        In the long run it is all a matter of the price of memory and processing speed. We could in our lifetime see GPS as mandatory on every mode of transportation.
        The device maker with the best chance will be the one with their own engineering expertise who are willing to open their devices to outside applications. It will be sooner rather than later that those making devices using third party technology will be roadkill. You can bet however you like but my money is on and staying on the proven winner using the technology across a broad range of fields.

    • > Why will Garmin be part of that future or just another
      > Popeil pocket fisherman.

      When you phrase it like that, you remove any temptation to take your question seriously, while simultaneously revealing your ignorance about the company, the products, or the sector.

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      • sorry,
        no harm intended. I just think that opportunities in the gps arena are not close to being tapped. Garmin's working on future applications - what do you suppose they are tinkering with. I agree I sure don't know as much about the sector as I would like to - but this board has been very informative.

      • The ultimate GPS would be built in. You dont have to get it out or have cables. It would be MORE than just directions, but be a complete tour guide to the area, telling you the history, flora and fauna of the area. It would be friendly and fun to use.

        GPS itself has MANY more uses than just car navigation of course. And has many more uses than navigation. The uses of GPS are just being seen right now. Construction, agriculture, railroads, aviation, marine, fishing, crop dusting, the list goes on and on.

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