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  • jayin2stox jayin2stox May 6, 2010 6:59 PM Flag

    OT: Does Buffet know securities Law?

    Don't take my word for it just read this article from the Wall Street Journal.
    Tell me Buffet isn't trying to protect his arse.

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    • I'm an old guy and learned about the legendary Warren Buffett in the early 80s before he became a household word. I used to enjoy telling people about the guy in the backwoods town of Omaha working out of his upstairs office compounded his and his uncle's meager investment into billions. Since then I have come to be very skeptical of this scenario. He's been an insider always. Warren has slept with Wall St investment banks in the past when he took a big position in Solomon Bros (they were in trouble for cheating the Govt. on Treas Bond manipulations before he was in it.) Often the investments he makes public don't show the kind of return he is famous for. I've learned to be cautious about all the media's crowned financial giants, the Ted Turners, Donald Trump, Bill Gross, Geo. Soros and many others. If sounds too good to be true, it very likely is. Perhaps there is more going on. Curiously these people espouse the politics of the Left. WW

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      • > Curiously these people espouse the politics of the Left.

        Not curious at all. Haven't you noticed that highly intelligent people tend to be liberal? The common thread that unites, for example, university professors and ultra-successful investors is that they don't base their political opinions merely on the state of their own wallets -- professors because they don't care and like to think about things, Soros and Buffet because they have so much money that they have the luxury of worrying about bigger issues than whether their tax rates are 36 or 39%. It's the mid-level country club types, constantly fretting over their social standing, that tend to be party-line Repubs with blinders on.

        Obviously a gross generalization, but the constant needling about "socialists" by you and others on this board demands a similar knee-jerk response.

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