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  • captainbaldo captainbaldo Nov 7, 2012 5:14 PM Flag


    I live in a rich people neighborhood.

    On Halloween, poor people, mostly black and hispanic, come to get the good candy from the rich people. We had the biggest crowd ever--by far. I told my wife that night that Obama would win hands down. Way more have nots than haves in this great country. Demographics is destiny.

    My wife's friend is retired ATT and gave her a letter she recently received--ATT lost over 10 BILLION dollars in 2011 in its Pension Fund and recapitalized it recently with assets. Imagine all the giant Pension Funds, public and private, that can't make up for losses.

    My 8 year old son came down this morning and was worried about nothing. Not a care in the world. Why would he have a care? Greatest country in the world. Greatest economy in the world. Everyone wants to be America.

    Turn the page. Keep the change you filthy animals!

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    • Walter Williams, an arch conservative black economics professor wrote an article many months ago and made the case that Obama would be re-elected and it wouldn't matter what happened in the economy or internationally, because he had a lock on so many large voting blocks. The pundits are giving us their notions of why Romney lost but he was toast from day one. One reason my daughter pointed out to me is that many young families can't afford health care and are hoping the Obama care will be the answer. WW

    • Captain, I remember with great fondness your past spoutage of the feeding of the raccoons and how testy they got when the feeding ceased. This year's election was most emphatically won by the raccoons. It will get ugly when the feed runs out. I'm long ammo and silver.

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      • As close as this election was (+/- 3%), I don't think that this election signifies much of anything.

        We're in the middle of a rotten, slow slog back after a burst financial bubble. The past expansion was huge, and the length of time necessary to work off the excesses will be considerable. Obama's reelection guaranties sub-par growth for most of the next 4 years.

        It's hard to defeat a sitting president, when people are fearful and the entire Liberal Media is in full propaganda mode, demonizing the opposition. Frankly, I surprised that Romney did as well as he did.

        It's bad news for America, however. Money flees from Socialism. Good for the developing world (except that many of the emerging market countries are also run by Socialists, or worse). Africa will surprise to the upside in the years to come. I also like Australia (rich in natural resources, and well positioned to the Asia trade).

        Obama see himself as representing the world. He really doesn't give a darn about the American middle class. The "soak the rich" bull is just recessionary populism to fool the dopes. Obama will feather his nest and take care of the "crony capitalists" who pay tribute.

        America survived the Civil War. We can survive 8 years of Obama's brand of Socialism. The Country will end up poorer, and will fall further behind in the global economic competition, however.

        Bet against the U.S. Dollar. Invest in the great multinationals with dividends and pricing power. Watch for the return of tax shelters (probably a good business to go into). Stay away from consumer discretionary for a while more (maybe the high end and low end will be OK). NOt a great environment for GRMN.


      • Robin Hood came out today and reaffirmed his election pitch: "The Sheriif of Nottingham and his rich pals will pay for all this." Party on.

        Keep the change you filty animals!

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