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  • marketmaker79 marketmaker79 Dec 3, 2013 8:25 AM Flag

    Managment Lies again - Reiterated guidance just a few weeks ago - I Warned you it would be a big miss

    SO just a few weeks ago management reiterates the guidance, even though October was a disaster.

    Follow that up with NOVEMBER, which was 75% complete when they guided!

    This management team can't be trusted!

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    • You've become a tedious pest. By this point everyone who reads the board, and there aren't many, knows about your lies, your undeserved boasting, and the childish posts you write like the one I'm responding to. When asked to explain why they didn't revise guidance during the call they said big swings in hold are always possible. So if Nov and Dec were very high hold months they might have met the low end. Nov was the worst hold I can remember seeing, that is bad luck and nothing more.
      Anyway, as much as I've enjoyed exposing you as a fraud I've come to realize doing so is a waste of my time. Each time I show your posts to contain a lie, a math error, a misunderstanding of the facts, it just rolls off your shoulders and you find something else to lie about. You appear to be doing this for your self amusement because it clearly isn't about putting accurate information or a valid perspective out there for people to read.
      That is a long winded way of saying you are being put on ignore. Knock yourself out.

    • With the HK listing there is A LOT of audits, and due diligence done prior to listing. Any so called "lies" would come out at that point, and share price will go under $2.00, but if listing goes through, you will see $6.00+ I'll take my chances.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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