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  • drjackcar drjackcar Dec 12, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    guys, lets be realistic

    Sorry to pour cold water on the optimism, since we need some, but we should try to stick with the facts. The earliest they will be able to file the HK listing application is late Jan since they just hired a new sponsor in late Nov. (The HK exchange requires a 2 month lag period) Then it will probably be another 2-4 months for the HK exchange to go through the review process. Once listed the multiple will be comensurate to the present and future earnings expectations. Right now that certainly does not merit a p/e close to 20, IMO.
    A year end dividend, if my assumptions are right, will require them to do a one-time payment in excess of 15% of NI or there will not be one. Unless as toast said there is an adjustment to NI having nothing to do with operational income.
    There it is. I could be wrong but these are the facts as I understand them.

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    • Drjack, I believe your Post is right to the point. All your Posts are backed up with a insightful knowledge of the Business. But everyone knows that a splurge of Day-Traders will often drive a Share Price way up or down based not on any fundamentals but on hype. These DT's may not know anything about the Business or care to know. Even an unfounded rumour of an HK listing may be all these people need to set them in motion.

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    • I agree dr., but in the long run, 6+ months, everything is positive. Once they get back into the red, have the dual listing, and eventually purchase back more shares, $6.00+ is more than reasonable valuation.

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      • My name is jeffreybul23, aka "Valuation $6.00+." Now mind you, I have no understanding of the stock, but $6.00+ valuation reasonable. Hilarious.

        idiot jeffreybul23 fan club

      • Ultimately I believe the price the stock achieves will have much much less to do with the buyback and the listing and much more to do with credit and direct play. The earnings power is there for sure, but to be realized conditions have to improve.

      • Once they get back into the red? .... $6.00 is reasonable?

        I'm sure your a nice fellow, but your posts are just comical. I remember the day IKGH released the horrid news of the Novemeber month, you made a post saying a good press releases should be coming soon, not even realizing one had been issued just a few hours earlier, and it painted the most grimm picture yet.

        I think you need to understand you are investing in a declining business. There is no growth here, and there is not expected to be. The only way these companies can try to sustain current levels is to buy additional companies out. This is the worst type of consolodation, as there is little financial advantage outside of the additonal revenues. Costs aren't cut. In this case costs are exploding as the margins are getting destroyed as well.

        I'll say what I have said for years, sell this garbage and buy MPEL!

    • It's one thing to be optimistic and another to expect things that are not going to happen based on a lack of information. Or maybe I should say a lack of having read the available information. Kinda like...never mind, I'm done with him. Anybody out there still reading his #$%$?

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