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  • stockwatch69 stockwatch69 Oct 22, 2001 10:01 AM Flag

    See What I mean

    my 800 share trade can knock this down a half
    buck AT THE OPEN!!!!!
    A shorters paradise

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    • SW69 -

      You describe this as a shorters paradise, so you must like it quite alot. Based on your criteria, every stock that doesn't go up 100% of the time(aka: every stock) would be a shorters paradise also. I congratulate you on your acumen/luck/dishonesty, or whatever it may be that allowed you to make money shorting a stock that has increased by over 180% since the end of last year, and has hit a 52 week high as recently as three trading days ago.

      Please keep in mind as you bash all of us idiots out here that there are very very few longs on this stock who aren't pretty darn happy right now. Glad to hear that this is a stock that can please both the longs and the shorts at the same time.

    • If you sold short at the open at 13.41, your trade is now under water, because the ask is 13.70.


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      • Andy,

        Why even bother? His story changes every time the stock price does. Notice how before it was "trying to break 14 but no horsepower", and later it changed to "no support for this stock at 14.00". No matter what happens SW69 will continue to make bogus claims about fictitious trades and consistently bag EEFT. I doubt he has any money on it short or long. Probably just the same person that used to Compare Mike Brown to a nazi. I think this is his way of dealing with some issues, and he's chosen EEFT as his therapy.

        Regardless, I'm eagerly awaiting the numbers for 3rd quarter and what 4th quarter will bring. If we hit a profittable quarter soon I think that would be huge given the economic environment. Unfortunately, making profits within a year looks like it's also a 'must' IMO. I sold off a wee bit recently, enough to cover my original investments. Of course, those were made at 3, 5, 6, and 8 so everything I hold today is a sizable profit. Although I'm carefully optimistic we still can go a long way up, I wanted to make sure I was playing with someone elses money.

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