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  • napavalleycompany napavalleycompany Nov 1, 2001 5:00 PM Flag

    can't you add/subtract

    can't you add or subtract without taking your shoes off. What an idiot. Are you telling me this company did not lose $7.7mm in foreign
    currency fluctuations? How stupid can you be.
    Let me do the math for this KC rube/huckleberry.
    Q3 end '00 there was a positive 4.2MM gain
    in the foreign exchange now one year later ended Q3 '01 there is a loss of $3.56MM.
    Do the math dummy, you lose 4.2 and then another $3.5 you lost $7.7. How easy does one have to make this. Good God man are you that dense. Its not as if this is NEW news it was predicted on this board prior to the press release that this company had foreign exchange
    exposure. Look at the numbers ya' twit.
    How hard is it for you to figure out

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    • NAPA: it is no wonder you think you are making money shorting this stock. I hope you don't work in any job that requires thinking! These are NET Quarterly numbers!!!! Let me make it simple for you...lets say you own a bond with a value of $100. In Q3 00 you show a paper gain on the bond of $4.2 the worth is now $104.2. To keep it simple, there is no change in Q4 00, Q1,or Q2 01, but in Q3 01 you have a loss of $3.56. Here is the tough question....What is your $100 worth? If you answered $100.64 you can move to KC if not you better stay in ARKANSAS. Now for the real thinker... why do you care what it is worth if you are getting your interest on the bond each month and plan to hold it to maturity? This is why ogtfee said it was a non cash item. That flucuation is almost meaningless, except for the fact that EEFT has been buying when the price was low, to retire the debt when it was a steal. You are right about 1 thing, this is not new news. It is your hero that doesn't care what a company does, he is going to short it with the trend, that brought up this useless topic to start with.

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