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  • stockwatch69 stockwatch69 Feb 13, 2002 3:58 PM Flag


    Good discussion on stock sale a few posts ago.
    What the price should be is always difficult.
    But you sell whatever you can to whomever you can for the highest price. Unfortunaltely when
    an analyst covers you and you get people paying attention you have to answer for no earnings and the answer was a downgrade.
    Nice try but no cookie. A resounding sell off.
    All you smart guys who think the stock sale was a good idea raise your hand. Hmmm, seems
    like you are second guessing your posts.
    Face it sucker, you just got diluted!!!!!
    Not a smuch hubris and positive attitiude
    on call. Apparently everyone else figured
    it out as well. Better luck tomorrow.

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    • Stockwatch,

      Still waiting to hear about how you made money on the short calls you made on July 2, 2001 at $8.85; August 8, 2001 at $10.70 & Sept. 20, 2001 at $8.50.

      I must say, I can't figure you out. Do you honestly think people just don't remember all of your posts & somehow people think what you have to say is right on the money? Do you just log on a start typing anything that pops into your head?

      Wow, you are entertaining. I'll give you that.

      Note to intensepluselight:
      Nice to see someone using logic to evaluate this stock. I do think you're missing some key points but hearing someone at least trying to reason things out is a nice diversion away from our village idiot. I am wondering if you really have followed this company for a "long, long time" as you said, becuase if you have followed it so long you would know that a 52 high is an all-time for EEFT in this range. Maybe someone will have time to offer up some constructive dicussion to some of your points.
      I'll only make one point. You said, "history shows that it's a long time between contract announcement and revenue generation on the re-charge." Actually, I think I recall that many of EEFT's recharge deals are announced when the go live...& that's when they start to generate revenue.

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      • I'd love if anyone would offer some constructive counterarguments. This board has been so devoid of useful discourse ever since Just_Wait_OK disappeared.

        I presumed today's volume was an all-time high, but I didn't investigate all the company's previous year's trading history.
        Re: my comment on re-charge, it doesn't matter if they are live at contract announcement. The history thus far is that even after it is live, the take-up by customers thus far has been slow to materialize if they only had $1.5 mil in revenue for the year. I believe they offered their first service in Hungary about 18 months ago. Incidentally, announced doesn't mean "live," necessarily, as Brown indicated in today's call that Indonesia is not yet "live".

        Re: Stockwatch, everyone knows he's been so discredited for so long, I don't know why so many of you feel compelled to respond to anything he says. Here's a tip, hit the IGNORE THIS USER, so he never shows up on your message board at home.

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