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  • stockwatch69 stockwatch69 Aug 8, 2001 10:36 AM Flag

    Thar' She Blows

    Looks like we will be seeing 10 here pretty
    quick and nine not to far behind. Pretty
    quiet on this board. Where are all the smart guys. Keep em coming,

    lemming lemmings

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    • I could not agree more. This stock is going to hell.

    • Stockwatch -
      You seem to be missing the point that this is not a stock that has run up recently because everyone expects it to return to its glory days of old, only to have everyone turn-tail and run when the market doesn't get any better, or gets worse. This is not a stock that went from $4 to $12 because it was once at $150, and because (and only because) it was there once, idiots think it can be there again.

      This is a stock that has seen a price increase because of the direction that some relatively big players (or at least players purchasing relative large amounts of it) have perceived it to be going - despite the less than stellar envirnoment they have to function in. Until EEFT does something to cause that perception to change, I don't see any catalyst to cause this stock to go back down to the single digit numbers you appear to be hoping for.

    • You obviously didn't see the volume on the doji at the end of yesterday!!

    • SW69,

      Please, keep it coming. Your posts are like magic. If we'd hear from you more often we would be at 15 by now. But what would a lemming like me know about it, right?

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