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  • mistermobilenut mistermobilenut May 22, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    Obviously something is not good today

    After the PFE letter was posted, both PTIE and DRRX took a dump. However, since then they leveled off, that is until today...Huge drops today on no KNOWN news...Something is coming and it doesn't look good. I don't see PFE releasing the rights unless they absolutely have to...why give another company an opportunity to grab a potential blockbuster?. If I was PFE, I'd let Remoxy die a slow death, keep it from hitting the market and allow Embeda to capitalize on market sense in releasing the rights and have the possibility of a competitor picking those rights up and eventually grab market share from Embeda....This is an old Bill Gates strategy.

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    • Pfizer committed to a timeline to complete and submit by mid 2015. If they don't either give the drug back which is common practice which I have done at several companies or if they go beyond mid 2015 PTIE could have a great lawsuit for hundreds of millions in damages. Whoever wrote PTIE's licensing deal wrote a great contract which King signed and PFE now must honor. If they dump it Endo or venture capitalists would pick it up in a minute. The cost to submit now is less than the cash that PTIE has on hand. They could pay a CRO to do the work while they are talking to companies. I worked at Pfizer and have seen how they spend vast sums to establish a presence in a new indication like pain and worked at companies that came close to buying PTIE. There is a lot of interest as drug pipelines and patents are running out, pain is growing by about 20% annually and FDA approval is getting more expensive and difficult in all areas.

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      • Let us say that the drug was returned to ptie. How much knowledge do they have regarding the NEW formulation of the NEW remoxy that pfe states is the path forward. I would be surprised if any of pfe's work on the new formulation has been shared with ptie or drrx. I really do not think either is capable of making these changes themselves. So really they would be back to square one.

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