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  • electrowing Aug 17, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    it's been a hoot

    Unfortunately, i didn't get in on Friday. My broker signs off at 5:30, so by the time i had found Pfizer's Aug 14 filing at, it was too late to pick up any shares in AH. Until i was able to verify it, all i had to go on were vague allusions to "a government website" on editorial sites (like SA) and suggestions that "Pfizer might change its mind" on this board. I erred towards caution, and it hasn't served me well this time. So what? I'll prolly have to pay a little bit more on Monday. I've got all the info i need now, and i don't expect to get any more from this board. Comments like "Ponzi scheme" aren't particularly informative...

    Meanwhile, anybody who tries to tell you that Pfizer isn't really moving forward with Remoxy is just playing you for a fool. Why do you think Pfizer has designed a food study - a process that requires significant resources and expenditure - and registered it? Do you think it's just a slow month, so the boyz over at Pfizer are killing time by designing a clinical studies for drugs they have no real plans of submitting to the FDA? I'm done with message boards for a while. GLTA.

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