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  • zhangyikevin zhangyikevin May 13, 2014 6:18 PM Flag

    Qunr going to $10 and lower


    QUNR worth less than $10, the current market cap. 2.7B is a JOKE, I've been in China so many years, very few people in china know their website, most people use CTRP, you should buy CTRP instead. Please listen to me sell the stock before ER Thursday May 15, and thank me later.

    E-Commerce China Dangdang Inc. (DANG) is so undervalue , price will be at least one double from here this year. thank me again later.

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    • and to touch on your final comment "most people use CTRP, you should buy CTRP". First, actually QUNR is the dominant site for tickets (In the fourth quarter Qunar became China’s largest internet retailer of airline tickets — overtaking Ctrip, the dominant online travel agency). and if your darling CTRP was doing as well as you claim then they wouldn't be trying to buy every company in sight. They have been on a buying spree due to competitive threats and I'm sure that the rumored CTRP/QUNR merger was partly true in the respect of talks. CTRP is even eyeing a yelp like player as they sit on a huge cash pile. There are too many travel agent players in China: I think that the China OTA sector is a looming bubble, given the high valuation and intensifying competition. QUNR is not a straight OTA...Tuniu is another recent OTA that directly competes with CTRP.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You are 100% wrong. I know plenty of Chinese folks that use QUNR - it is the future. The older folks don't really use the internet, they have their children book for them ONLINE and travel agencies are a thing of the past as the younger generation is traveling and not with an agency/tour. Just look at their revenues and growth. You obviously didn't read the earnings...Their numbers were blow-out. The market is not rewarding any growth stocks at the moment - sector rotation. And Chinese stocks are out of favor at the moment. China is going through an audit with Gov't officials along with the usual skepticism on Chinese stocks hurting all Chinese stocks. These are the first stocks to go out of favor when growth stocks become out of favor. Secondly, comparing CTRP to QUNR is not accurate. They run on entirely different models. QUNR is the clear leader in their space...Lastly, the stock market looks forward as in their 90-95 YOY revenue guidance, not their increase in expenses which was build in to the forecast and expected with any growth stock in its early stages. Travel is moving online, 100% in the very near future and that is what QUNR is....with BIDU pushing the search toward them. QUNR's mobile growth was incredible at 415% increase at 32% of total revenues...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • As I told you, I know China better than you do. this company's market cap 2.7B is a JOKE, heading to $10 soon, you should switch to CTRP instead . if you like chinese stock ,TOUR is a better play here ,going much higher

    • idiot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yea sure, i quess you been to china town instead of china your pick is dumping ...

      the end...

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