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  • correo234 correo234 May 20, 2014 12:15 PM Flag


    Hey Motley Fool...can I get back the $38,564 I have lost on your latest recommendations...$5,300 just on TCS

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    • Hey, I agree with you guys. This is the second recommendation from Motley Fools that I followed, and both sunk. I cancelled my subscription. Never again. They are just pumpers.

    • Motley Fool is a scam. They write stories for both bear & bull then target your Yahoo Finance headline based on your clicks/views to present a story that will get you to click.

    • maybe we'll get another buy recommendation again from the fools

    • It's a numbers game. The Fool does not pick more winners than you or I could. But when you buy for the long term, you will generally get a better return because, remember, you don't need more winners than losers. The most you can lose on a stock is 100%, but your upside is not capped. So when the fool hits it big with a Chipoitle or Netflix or UnderArmour, it drives total return through the roof. The average trader dumps these stocks way too early, thus not capitalizing on the multi-bagger growth.

    • Motley have been nothing but a "FOOL" lately. Some of their "CORE" and 5 star stocks are cratering!!!

    • Dude if you belong to the Motley Fool you buy and hold. They are not for traders.

      those who buy and hold long term make out very well with the Motley Fool.

      Instead of blaming the Fool maybe you shoudl understand their philosophy before you do something stupid like buy a stock for shirt term gains.

      TCS has the fundamentals to grow. SO buy hold and add.

    • What's up... not this stock! I am pretty deeeep into losses myself, I bought this stock for the same reason you bought this stock. I wish I stuck with my investment plan instead! Really should believe in myself instead of the fools… done pretty well without them. For the time being I hope TCS (Kip Tindell) is watching the message board for investors who cannot contain their dissatisfaction with plummeting daily stocks prices. This will be my last message in this board… I am so disappointed. I am so tired of excuses from the container store, my worst investment ever!!! Happy and successful investing.

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