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  • freedom_first04 freedom_first04 Mar 2, 2007 11:14 AM Flag

    Europe Socialism VS USA Capitalism

    Knock off another 10 orders from EADS today! Give them to Boeing.

    Seems the French never learn. About one hundred years ago the French tried to build the Panama Canal. When the USA took it over we could build in one day what took them a month!

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    • We could learn a bit from the Frogs.

      They are getting themselves more and more energy independant by switching to nuclear power. They are now a big energy exporter.

      It must be nice to be able to tell unstable/unfriendly energy procuders to FO.

    • I love people like you whop thought communisim was dead in America in the 1950's. But in reality we live in a socilist state of affairs where city counsels pass laws that restrict your rights and city goverments have to have their hand in the pot to find out public opposition. If there is no opposition it is a good idea and it becomes a law without the vote of the people. It has taken only 230 years to kill your freedoms, my goverment disguses them as good sensible laws.
      Let's take a look at your freedoms:
      The freedom to smoke only took them 230 years but now you can not even smoke on the beach and eleswhere.
      The freedom to ride in the back of a pickup truck
      The freedom to ride a motorcyclye without a helmet, "its your life if you want it whee it"
      The freedom to ride a bicycle without a helmet.
      Freedom to speak your mind, if it is to harsh it is not correct, but that is what I think and it is coreect. Oh well your fired.
      Coming soon is national insurance that will cost you. We can't even get rid of the illegal imigrants and set up a national database to take social security numbers.
      Your freedoms are gone welcome to socialism in America, but you still have the freedom to find a job and work for a just wage.
      Opps the goverment sets the wages to.

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