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  • vietnam_vet4ever vietnam_vet4ever Dec 31, 2007 3:51 PM Flag

    Chopper Cojones

    Isn't that the the helicopter that takes "2 hours and 58 minutes" to disassemble and then another 2 hours and 58 minutes to reassemble once they get to where there gonna make there rescue attempt. The only problem was that the CH-47 was not flight ready when the demonstration was made during the CSAR competition after the 2 hour 58 minute assembly time. Boeing said that when they win the competition they make sure that they will slip in under the 3 hour requirement!

    The actual time to disassembly the helicopter and put it on a transport is 8 hours according to current(Green Berets) special ops time estimates. And then to reassemble it another 8 hours! I think if those are the actual time estimates, I think we can kiss the pilots we were gonne rescue good bye! This is starting to sound like the VH-71 that Lockheed won(Let's get the contract 1st and then we'll worry about the details!) The current VH-71 is now 1000# overweight from the original estimate......a 1000#!!!!!!!!
    and I'm also told it cannot hover with 1 engine out.

    By the way the S-92 can be disassembled in 40 minutes and put on a transport. Talk about lobbying!!!!!

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    • It still takes eight hours. The missing 5 hr and 2 min. gap? Thats right the gap in the tape. It takes so long that Boeing didn't demonstrate for the claim, they sent in a tape of the event. No mention of the gaps, the herd of help slamming parts getting the parts place just right for the assembliers etc. etc. Boeing was just busted by GAO for making unsupported claims on their C-135 maintenance contract. Its SOP with Boeing. They lie cheat and steal, and would even lie when the truth would serve them better. As to the -71, the weight problems, isn't that because of the added equipment after the contract?

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