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  • norivit norivit Sep 29, 2008 3:28 PM Flag

    Sucks to be GOP today

    Along with the current administrations continuing incompetence add the potential for criminal charges.

    Must suck to be a Bushie today. They will go down in history as being more incompetent than Carter and more crooked than Nixon.

    Nice legacy.

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    • dantnguyen Oct 11, 2008 5:06 PM Flag

      The government should act as an arbitrageur to bring down LIBOR rates!

      I have a solution to bring down one-month and 3-month LIBOR rates.
      The Treasury issues more 3 month Treasury Bills and buy 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 one-month and 3-month Eurodollar contracts and hold these contracts until maturity. They will make 3% on their purchases. The speculators will certainly join in and drive down LIBOR rates.

      I think there could be a group of speculators that are gaming the system trying to force adjustable rates higher to cause more delinquencies and foreclosures.

      This is the easiest and quickest solution.

    • Konrad?

    • Ernst?

    • "be specific spaz"

      Be specific on what specifics you want. A number of folks have shown up on here and provided much for you, if you've been truly following along, but you still don't see it; not sure if specifics on anything against your own personal beliefs are really going to help open your eyes friend. That's ok, don't feel bad about it, as many throughout history have been stuck in that quandary. It's when they finally realized that what they were being warned about was actually the case, is when the real panic and fear began to take hold leaving them useless to assist in defending against it. I am surprised though, I must say, that having your eyes so open against the Democrats and Obama especially, to which we would agree upon, that your mind is not more open as to what/who is actually bringing our country down, why and the 'interesting' (read - dangerous) times they have planned just ahead of us.

    • "Add torture and kidnapping to the list of crimes,
      and I guess that means we can add terrorism too.

      IMPEACH THE TERRORISTS! While you still can!"

      .....trouble is, they may not be provided the time to wake up and figure out what is happening in this country, thus leaving them without enough time left to do anything about it:

      .....time, is running out on America.

    • Nobody is more incompetent than carter!

      worst presidents:

      1) carter
      2) clinton
      3) bush

    • im_all_in_all_the_time im_all_in_all_the_time Oct 11, 2008 11:06 AM Flag

      Few would seriously argue that this administration was more crooked than that of President Nixon or more incompetent than that of President Carter.

      However, it should remind the voting public of the stakes of this election and how important it is to choose wisely.

      I do not think that it would come as any surpirse to avid readers of my writings that I support Senator John McCain's bid for the Presidency. I do so almost on a 50/50 split between 1)liking his energy plan (more nuclear power) and his pledge to curtail spending on entitlements and welfare and 2)thinking that Senator Obama is simply ill equipped to lead this nation.

      If you were to look at the primaries, there was not one large state primary he in which he could claim victory. Not one among Democrats. So the Democrats, in their hear of hearts, are not sold on this guy either. Secondly, and I have asked this many times, he cannot come up with one pragmatic method of paying for his 1 trillion dollars of new spending he has proposed.

      If you also look at his energy plan, you will see a bunch of this spending into unproven technologies he has since put into the category of "clean" technologies. He doesn't, from what I cant tell, specify between wind (unreliable), tidal (unproven), solar (a joke), biofuels (ha ha), and nuclear (McCain's idea).

      I tried to cut and paste the part about his wanting to invest $150,000,000,000 of my money in the private sector to "catalyze" efforts to bring these unproven technologies to the market. But somehow, his PDF would not allow cut and pastes (wonder why?). At any rate, where is that $150,000,000,000 going?, ConEd, GE, Conoco, DuPont. None to you and me.

      He also wants to give "domestic auto makers" (he didn't say anything about Detroit), $4,000,000,000 of my money in the form of loan guarantees and tax credits (i.e. bailout) so they can retool their plants. I'm sure the UAW will go on strike before the ink is dried on the measure.

      The more you learn about Senator Obama, the less you like.

    • Add torture and kidnapping to the list of crimes,
      and I guess that means we can add terrorism too.

      IMPEACH THE TERRORISTS! While you still can!

    • Any more questions?

    • Iraqis, American soldiers, WTC victims, American taxpayers, American people, Val Plame, legislators, news media people.

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