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  • gregjanetommax gregjanetommax Sep 3, 2012 1:11 PM Flag

    The Truth About Who's Responsible For The Explosion In Government Spending


    thanks for the numbers. Sometime ago I read the average education of an American is the 6th grade. If thats true Obama could possibly deceive America and win.

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    • Education can play into the politics because folks that have not girded themselves for adult life find that they respond well of liberal pablum. However, my grandfather, who died about 25 years ago, was very conservative and very hard working (also a union member!). And he only finished some portion of grade school. He migrated during the dust bowl years from OK to CA. He would have been aghast at what Obama is doing. And, you have the extreme liberals from the so-called highly educated side. I am inclined to think that we are simply giving up on self-reliance and initiative. If you watched John Stossel's treatise on lemonade stands in New York, he found that he had to have a permit and needed a fire extinguisher at hand next to the stand in order to sell lemonade. The government loves rules because they have to increase their numbers in order to monitor and enforce their ever increasing rules and regulations - that mean nothing in the end, but they do result in stagnation and depression. Stossel is author of "No, we can't" and is a libertarian. So, this lemonade example may seem silly, but then along comes Obamacare and goes fully into effect when a company reaches 50 employees. Any bird-brain will be able to figure out that such an inhibit/roadblock will simply limit hiring and stifle business and free enterprise - which by observation is what Obama is all about. So, when he said, "you did not build that", he was not taken out of context at all. He meant what he said. His view, and he has said this often, is that government needs to do more hiring and the "private sector is fine". Yet, the deficit numbers are staggering and we cannot afford his nonsense. He needs to be given the boot in November.

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      • A Stossle Report, gimme a break.

        If republicon fascist pablum were kool-aid, you must have drank the whole pitcher.

        When the SoCal mega earthquake comes and destroys your homes, Mittens will tell you to go home and dial 211, or just build it yourself.

        When does a smal business become a large business?
        What is the dividing line between the middle-class and the rich?

        We don't need mega corporations and Koch Brothers buying politicians, polluting ad nauseum without regulation or penalty,

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