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  • hoozdik_hertz_789 hoozdik_hertz_789 Oct 12, 2012 7:15 PM Flag

    Big Joe and the Joyful Noise


    Big Joe and the Joyful Noise

    By William Rivers Pitt

    Vice President Joseph Biden of Delaware dropped the hammer on Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan on Thursday, and it was a powerful thing to see.

    Anyone who tells you the vice presidential debate was a tie, or that Mr. Ryan prevailed, is trying to sell you a diamond mine that ain't worth a dime. The ultimate impact and import of what went down during Thursday's debate won't be immediately known, but the simple fact is beyond dispute: Joe Biden owned the night, and owned his opponent, in a way rarely seen in modern debate history.

    It was, in every respect, just what the doctor ordered for the Democratic presidential campaign: a high-energy, aggressive and fact-laden stand taken by a battle-scarred party elder who, for all time, dispelled any and all preconceived notions that he is some half-addled gaffe generator who cannot be counted on when the chips are down. Joe Biden came to play Thursday night, and the public works employees of Danville, KY, will be spending the next couple of days sweeping up little pieces of Paul Ryan because of it.

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    • Don't let the facts get in the way.


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      • Like I have a chance
        I have scored first place in algebra I and several other classes excpet epagnolia (que : est Los Altos school disrict)
        it is October

        and I have swum
        yes , swum

        10 miles per day
        to get away from here
        each and every
        after shcool besides the 2-3 mile to get here and back home each and every day

        and now they want to throw me into
        the gymnasiusm/multi-purpose room without paying
        these high school cheerleaders and pom-pom girl senujors when some band called Quicksilver Messenger Service was
        supposed to show up
        and some bandother bandraised their ante

        none of it, I will have none of this

        and, me dancing out of my one foot-square
        seat b-3 parlayed
        tghe band was called...
        hole hep o' trouble

        MSJodie Luck, Iam too young to #$%$, but may you find the
        the man of your dreams
        and it woul;d not hurt me if I got an 'A' in english
        for the entire year either...

        ps - did anyone record
        Santana I and parts of Santana II-III
        b4shut down

        run 4 your lives the LAPD are coming for ya'all
        that would be the Los Altos PD
        and some other in October time the G.Dead played on the back of a flat-bed trailor truck on Emmerson off of University Ave. Paly Alty

        Most every bank window was broken or other wise smashed into tiny paticles of glass

        wish i had been there too

        and the next several octobers too
        but by then we was

        -the big kahuna

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