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  • cbx6cylinder cbx6cylinder Nov 19, 2012 3:22 PM Flag

    When Boeing lowers SPEEA members wages and benefits to market average

    New college grads are not experience aerospace engineers, but they can learn quickly if they have an experienced aerospace mentor. Experience is the key point for teaching them.

    With the number of experienced Boeing engineers reaching retirement age, there will be less around for teaching them.

    That could be Boeings reasoning for all the outsourcing?

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    • Successful companies know that training is a huge part of becoming a good employee.

      Boeing can hire all the engineers they like but learning the complex Boeing computing and engineering release systems takes years. Learning a particular commodity takes years. Dealing with suppliers takes years of buidling relationships.

      Those of you that feel an engineer is an engineer is an engineer are showing how little you know about aerospace and particularly Boeing.

      Keep opening your mouths and showing your complete ignorance of the subject matter.

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