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  • america_wants_change america_wants_change Dec 1, 2012 11:52 AM Flag

    Decline of unions=decline of middle class

    without unions employees would be working for $1/day

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    • Without unions there would be no imports of goods from China or anywhere else. USA would have the largest manufacturing contingent in the world. We would be competitive again. Without unions Boeing might actually win a few more contracts.

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      • There is something to be said for 'Trust but verify'. Union leadership has to be watched closely. The membership has to be just as willing to tell union leaders no as it is to tell the employer no. But without the accomplishments of organized labor over the past 130 years, you would be willing to kill your neighbor for a dollar a day job, at which you would be lucky to not be killed or maimed due to dangerous working conditions. Your employer would more likely value the work his mule did than the work you did.

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    • Unions are run by criminals. Just in the last two weeks here's the criminal score card:

      Georgia Teamsters Secretary-Treasurer Sentenced for Embezzlement

      Former President of Texas Security Local Found Guilty; Sentenced

      AFSCME Local Secretary-Treasurer in St. Louis Pleads Guilty

      Bailed-Out Ally Financial Unit Comes Full Circle Back to GM

      Ex-Staffer at Steelworkers Headquarters Sentenced for Embezzlement

      AFGE President in South Dakota Indicted for False Record-Keeping, Theft Pennsylvania Postal Workers Local President Pleads Guilty; Sentenced
      Pennsylvania Postal Workers Local President Pleads Guilty; Sentenced

    • without unions Illinois would be far less corript and in better financial condition. Unions = Greece!!!

    • Minimum wage is around $7.50/hour

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      • Minimum Wage would probably never have been created if not for organized labor and their ability to negotiate a living wage. And if you worked a summer job at a unionized shop, you probably never actually joined the union. Some unions and their companies agree on a certain amount of casual or temporary labor. Granted, not all unions are able to do as well for their membership as others but, just about any wage or benefit an employee earns anywhere exists because at some time or other, a group of workers was willing to strike for it if an agreement could not be reached. It is that memory that inspires employers to continue to pay a living wage even if it seems they don't have to.

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    • Worked at a union worker company once. It was a temporary summer job when I was going to college. It was a good life lesson. Learned that if I was going to succeed beyond the mundane it would be without union representation.

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