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  • ali_infesto ali_infesto Dec 12, 2012 10:14 AM Flag

    Climate hero says, "Hurricane Sandy cannot be attributed to climate change."

    From the Huffington Post.

    On December 7, President Bill Clinton appeared in Silicon Valley and talked at length about climate change, referring to Berkeley scientist Dr. Richard Muller as "a hero of mine."

    In a Fresh Dialogues interview, Muller agreed to share his reaction to the hero worship and answer some climate change questions.

    You may recall Dr. Muller, the self-described "former skeptic" who frequently emphasized the fallibility of research on global warming and was funded by the Koch Foundation. Last summer, after thorough research with the Berkeley Earth project, he announced his dramatic conversion in an op-ed in the New York Times. Now he concludes that global warming is happening, and that humans are essentially responsible for all of the warming in the last 250 years.

    I happened to be sitting next to Dr. Muller last week, and although he was whisked backstage by some big secret service staffers after Clinton's speech, he agreed to answer a few Fresh Dialogues questions by email about his research and how he feels about hero worship by number 42.

    You might be surprised to learn three things about Dr. Muller:
    1. He says Hurricane Sandy cannot be attributed to climate change.
    2. He suggests individually reducing our carbon footprint is pointless -- we need to "think globally and act globally," by encouraging the switch from coal to gas power in China and developing nations. He's a fan of "clean fracking."
    3. He says climate skeptics deserve our respect, not our ridicule.

    Muller said he hopes that Berkeley Earth will be able to coordinate with the Clinton Foundation on their mutual goal of mitigating global warming.

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    • Only way to change global warming that takes place around the globe all the time is to change the temperature of the sun. Any of you libs know how to do that? Otherwise we do have technology to cleanup the coal burning, and are utilizing it. And natural gas? Libs in this country obstruct the supply. Libs are the problem, not fossil fuel utilization.

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      • A salient comment and I think scientist are beginning to recognize that things other than CO2 are problematic. Jason Box and Drew Shindell (a lead IPCC author) both Arctic experts, now are convinced that most of the Arctic/Greenland ice melt is due to black carbon that has reduced the albedo of ice significantly and this leads to more absorption of the Sun's radiation thus increasing ice melt in essence changing the temperature of the Sun. Scientist have drilled deep into Eastern Antarctic glaciers and found that they are not melting at the base as they had assumed and predicted. The ICESAT satellite data indicates that the ice mass balance in the Antarctic overall has been increasing by 49Gt/year since 2002 so ice melt is only happening at the North Pole.

        There is a proposal on the table to reduce the Sun's energy locally using water to manufacture more clouds, in the Arctic only so as not to effect any other area of the planet, to overcome the albedo loss to stop Greenland Ice loss. That would be the end of Sea level rise from Greenland ice melt and the ice mass being gained in the Antarctic would mean sea level reduction. So while we can't change the temperature of the Sun we can change the temperature effects of the Sun.

      • You don't have a clue. People who actually have to live with fracking in their vicinity are extremely upset about the damages it is causing. Water supplies are being rendered non-potable for generations to come, and humans and livestock are showing signs of disease, just so that you can live the high life here and now. And to 'ell with the future and your grand-grandchildren, eh?

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