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  • freedumber freedumber Jan 16, 2013 8:08 AM Flag

    Despicable "Truthers"

    Sparty and his fellow paranoid, Un-American POS types are now harassing Newtown residents claiming the whole thing was a hoax and staged.

    It is unreal just how low these sub-humans can go. Like Sparty they are just too sick to see how absurd and cruel they are. They think they "know" everything, they know NOTHING, and prove it everyday.

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    • every major attack on gun freedom has been accomplished behind children being killing, England and Scotland, Australia, Norway, and now the USA. Why do they want our guns so bad, if one teacher at that school or at the theater in
      Colorado had had a gun with them the outcome may have been very different. When they took the guns in Australia crime skyrocketed. So #$%$ you simpering liberal #$%$.

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      • The reports that gun crime increased after the tough antigun laws were enacted in Australia is a monstrous lie propagated by gun lunatiks (the NRA) who are now in a frenzied effort to do anything to combat effective gun legislation

      • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jan 16, 2013 12:01 PM Flag

        "Gun freedom" is an oxymoron. And if you won't change the laws on guns when children get shot, you hate humans, too. Buy an island and move there.

        If the shooter didn't have your ideas filling his head, the shooting would never have happened.

        Violent crime in Australia was rising and continued rising a few percent in the year after the gun ban, then started to drop and is now well below the levels it was at prior to the ban. In the 18 years before the ban, Australia had 13 mass shootings. In the 17 years since, it has had 0 mass shootings.

        Your attitude and your political action promote the killing of elementary school kids. Their actual freedom is more important than your paranoid insecurity. We're done playing with you maniacs.

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