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  • crazy4redsox1834 crazy4redsox1834 Jan 16, 2013 8:21 PM Flag

    BTW: Boeing Makes The Best Aircraft In The World Hands Down

    All this goofy #$%$ the media plays up is a load of #$%$. Sure they need to fix the battery, OK! But I would get on the new 787 tomorrow morning TEN FOLD over an Airbus. I would sit on top of the battery pack naked to prove my point. One more thing you might want to look up or read about. Google Airbus crashes and take a long look at how many of those French built POS planes have gone down. What? To many to count?

    One more thing you might want to take into consideration the next time you climb aboard one of those fine aircraft they build. This is a country who can't build a decent dependable car! Remember the " Renault " or the wonderful " Peugeot "?

    When I fly, I move my flight times and even dates to avoid getting on anything the French build.

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    • It should be hands up for those execs and some of the BOD's also.

    • Boeing gets away with building and selling #$%$ because of saps like you who make excuses for them.

    • What you fail to understand is Boeing doesn't build anything, they assemble parts and if those parts are sub-standard, you end up with a sub-standard aircraft! You bet the company on a new airframe and then you sub everything to the lowest bidder to satisfy the bean counters! If you bet wrong, are so cost driven, you ruin the company! Here endeth the lesson of power point engineering!

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      • There is such a thing as
        I remember back in the 60's when
        GM was dominating the Auto market here
        in the States, and we know what happen
        Coming from Europe first and after that the
        copy cats from Japan.
        Both sides where making a better product.
        Not as good looking but better.

        If Boeing does not get a hold of this,
        they could loose market share that may never
        be regained.
        I am not bashing BA, but perception is
        everything, and the perception is negative now.
        Should it dip below $70.00 I could be a buyer.

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