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  • waynedickenson961 waynedickenson961 Jan 22, 2013 1:59 AM Flag

    Have they reached their $2 billion in share buybacks yet?


    eucheme, your right on, I can tell , so far, you have 9 thumbs down and not a single reader statement about why you got any thumbs down. Eucheme, . That means the Boeing Mismanagement enablement police message board team has nothing to say, the 2 billion buy back is on. It is easy to see. The average Boeing daily share volume is 5 million , to see it, just go to the yahoo Boeing page read the average then click on daily historical volume , the volume has doubled to 10 million shares. That means there is a double of the share volume and half are selling that is 5 million per day average, so in order to cover for the institutional selling, the Boeing shareholders are spending their money to prop up the share price on the approved share buyback plan. Eucheme , If the 787 does fly for a long time the stock price will take a hit more than the yearly loss to date. Boeing stock price is down by minus .69% for one year, while the Dow Average for one year is up 8.5% so Boeing was a dog of the Dow prior to the fires the fuel, and the grounding of the 787. Eucheme it gets worse for Boeing shareholders, up next the potential strike that is a lot of cover stock to buyback for the Boeing shareholders But even worse is the, plus the 550 million lost revenue payment for the grounded 787s so far. Next the union strike will cost Boeing shareholders 400 million per day, all good reasons to get out of Boeing. I pointed that out in my 1-9 2013 user comment that without any of the 787 problems that came up after my stock chart reading, Boeing was a kill zone stock and the institutions were selling I noticed that before the grounding that the large institutions were selling out. It is easy if you leave your opinion and look at a stock chart. If you trade your opinion then you lose your money ! !

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