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  • waynedickenson961 waynedickenson961 Jan 23, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

    Have they reached their $2 billion in share buybacks yet?


    eucheme, your right. Easy to figure out, one wek ago the Boeing Yahoo financial site said the average BA daily volume was 5 million shares traded per day( the average llooks back) today the average is 5 million 900 thousand shares traded per day. The stock price is stepping down lower highs and lower lows. Next go to the historical price for Boeing notice while the average volume is up from 5 million traded shares to about 5.9 million each day the stock is being traded out by the big investment houses ( I posted that on 1-9-2013 and said to get out of the kill zone then0 notice the recent actual volume which will make up the new average is still much higher 21 million shares and 18 million shares those share volumens are investment houses selling their postion ans Boeing shareholder buyback filling the gap until the 2 billion is spent. the FAA has already said the 787 problem has not been found and it will take a long time, the scapegoated speea workers will stike unless their and the future and retired pensions are not taken away, the cost of the airline loss of reenue is 50 million per day to boeing shareholders the strike will cost the Boeing shareholders 400 million per day, there is no reason to buy and hold or to short just get out of Boeing . The Dow Jones average for one year is up 8.5% Ba for a year is down 1.4% figure it out no gain and with a loss your behind the average by 8.8% and then the minus of Ba so your down 10% that you could have made on a etf for the dow jones

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