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  • generaljackripper generaljackripper Jan 31, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    County Sheriffs ALL over America are saying NO to gun confiscation

    The Resistence is fighting back.

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    • Too bad Wyatt Earp isn't still around doing police work in Arizona- sheriff Joe probably would look like a swiss cheese for carrying a gun in Tombstone- Just like Wichita and Dodge city when Earp worked as peace officer in these towns he forbade citizens carrying guns. They might be allowed to keep their guns but not carry them inside the city limits

    • If you do the crime you do the time. Lots of laws on the books don't get enforced because of liberal judges for one. Where the big problem is, and Obama sure won't face the facts, is with the mentally troubled folks we know, but in the big liberal quagmire created inner cities. Does anyone think that these inner city drug dealers, and gangs buy there guns at a gun show? Virginia has put up the greatest signs. "Criminals beware!...our citizens are armed! We have an armed militia!. But if you want easy pickens, and safe haven, go to Maryland and Conn. where the outlaw guns."

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