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  • waynedickenson961 waynedickenson961 Feb 1, 2013 10:57 PM Flag

    From the 8th to today Ba is still a 74 dollar stock dead cat bounce


    Carter Leake, an analyst at BB&T Capital Markets in Virginia. "Said onboard fires on airplanes are as bad as it gets. Even though it happened on the ground, rest assured the FAA is asking 'What if it happened in the air?'"Leake, the analyst at BB&T Capital Markets, who is also a former commercial and military pilot, said” Any electrical problem in the next 30 days, for whatever reason, , is going to be a big deal," he added.( sell your Boeing stock )
    The Chicago-based jet maker's shares closed down 2 percent at $76.13 after the news.
    The electrical fire is troubling in part because the 787 relies heavily on electrical power to drive onboard systems that in other jet models are run by air pressure generated by the engines. The new jet also suffered an electrical fire during a test flight, prompting a redesign of electrical systems.
    since entering service in October 2011, the plane has repeatedly made headlines for mechanical problems. The FAA and the NTSB are looking into what caused the problem, which came just weeks after Boeing endured a string of other electrical problems that briefly grounded three of the planes. The new jet also has suffered an engine failure and fuel leaks in the 14 months it has been in service.

    Last July, the FAA investigated an incident in which a 787 engine made by General Electric Co blew apart on the ground in South Carolina, prompting changes in how the engines are made, maintained and inspected. A similar engine failed on a Boeing 747 in Shanghai in September.
    In late December, , calling the problems "normal squawks."
    Monday's electrical fire raised questions about the view of Boeing Chief Executive Jim McNerney who said the 787 has not experienced an unusual number of problems for a new aircraft. The number of incidents and especially an onboard fire is likely to make Boeing highly susceptible to the public, shareholders and customers, if any other issues arise on the 787 aircraft.( sell Boeing stock )
    Wing de-icing and cabin air conditioning systems on the 787 are electrical. If ventilation failed on a flight or the cockpit filled with smoke, the pilots would have to descend to 10,000 feet to survive, is just an example . .

    Boeing Chicago is pressing their bad management into the danger zone, so many incidents that could bring this outsourced plane down with all aboard dead. Hopefully the FAA, NTSB will ground this outsourced 30 billion dollar mistake before a 787 crashes killing all passengers onboard. If it's a outsourced Boeing I am not going. Boeing shareholders each 787 deliverd cost you 300 million loss and the SPEEA strike will cost you 400 million per day. Boeing stock is held for dividends and increased value, for one year your stock valuation has increased BA 1.02%, DOW JONES average is up 8.29%,NASDAQ average is up 15.8%, other aerospace companies are way up Northrup (NOC) is up 18.6%, Lockheed (LMT) is up 17.8%, another DOW stock Bank of America (BAC) is up more in the last five days (6.41%) and 96% for the year. Going forward with a potential strike and this huge 787 failure look around for much better stocks sell and move on, your holdings will grow at least 7% faster if you just go with a ETF for the DOW or 16.8% more growth if you go with a ETF for the NASDAQ will far less risk than Boeing a mismanaged and dangerous stock to hold . Until Chicago managment is terminated and replaced any investor should stay clear of Boeing stock . This was my opinion on 1-8-2013 and twice this week in my user comments I pointed out KERX was a short term buy and sell it is up 106% for the week, I am out now but for all the Boeing mismangment enablers you need to make you money in the stock market not being paid or wasting your time making worthess opinions about Boeing going to 80 or 15o or airplane orders making any difference to investors

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