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  • marxbouncers marxbouncers Feb 5, 2013 8:59 AM Flag

    Anyone Thinking About Listening to Obama and the Democrats on Gun Control........

    .....better remember the lies they told to get Obamacare passed. Remember how Obama told us the average insurance for a family of four would go down $2,000 a year. Now the IRS is telling us the cheapest government approved policy for an average family will cost $20,000 a year by2016.

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    • There is very little if anything Obama has told the truth on. He had to innact Executive Privilege to keep from telling the truth on Fast and Furious. Liberalism is based on, and depends on forwarding lies. All the facts and data collected strongly indicate gun control won't reduce gun violence. So why wouldn't Obama want to forward the facts?..Reason...he's a liberal.

    • lets see the links for your lies marx
      btw your choice of a nym merely says the obvious about you- you are a sometime welfare bum and you think its appropriate to bash the rest of the welfare bums - its like the alcoholic who cant keep from falling off the wagon- raging against alcoholism on the street corner

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