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  • marxbouncers marxbouncers Feb 5, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

    How do you Shoot Skeet at ground level?

    Does this lying president know anything at all about skeet shooting? Does his propaganda artists and photoshoppers ?

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    • Cheneyhead shot his lawyer. BO has not.

    • Hmmmm,

      Well I was curious about this myself. And found this on the WIKI. There are two versions of this kind of target shooting: "skeet", "trap", and "sporting clay". "Trap" involves the clay bird being shot from a single fixed position at ranges of 30 to 90 feet and varying angles. With "sporting clay", the there are multiple launchers and the terrain is arranged like a golf course to provide some realism, like for hunting fowl. Skeet is more constrained and less acute, but the target is thrown towards you, away from you, or crossing (with double targets). It is arranged with two "houses", one 3 ft and the other 10 ft high, and the targets are thrown into the air to 15 to 18 feet. The distance from the target is determined by the shooter standing at seven points along a semi-circle made by a radius of 63 feet. Obama is holding the rifle at shoulder height, say that is 5 feet off the ground. Based upon the elevation (with respect to ground) with which he is holding the rifle, the measured angle is 2.5 degrees. Thus, via trig, the "opposite side" of the 2.5 degree right triangle is 2.75 feet, or 5 + 2.75 = 7.75 feet of height. It is conceivable that he shot the skeet right out of the lower house, but not the tall house. That is all assuming that the skeet range at Camp David is set up according to regulation. So, it is possible that he is shooting skeet. Maybe it was a shot of him doing simple target practice and the White House was a little over zealous in its official description: From the AP: "The official White House photo released Saturday is dated Aug. 4, 2012. The caption says Obama is shooting clay targets on the range at Camp David. Obama is outdoors amid grass and trees with a rifle cocked in his left shoulder, his left index finger on the trigger and smoke coming from the barrel. He is wearing jeans, a dark blue, short-sleeved polo shirt, sunglasses and headphones."


    • He was looking at the teleprompter ........

    • Obviously, they are all extremely ignorant about skeet shooting. Do you see the sissy way he's holding that shot gun. Arm and cheek out of place.....he's almost as ignorant at skeet shooting as he is about the economy.

    • I bet he knows a few more things than some fools who sit on message boards all day whining about everything and anything they can.

    • What does the guy know about anything of importance that would demonstrate he is a competent leader? I've yet to see anything. It is all, "I lie, and my libdem followers swear by it."

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