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  • truthbtoldhonest truthbtoldhonest Feb 13, 2013 7:46 PM Flag

    BA says let battiers melt and catch on fire

    We don't care and "Hey it might take six months to figure out the problems". Instead lets just encase the piece of junk in a fire proof box. If Passenger don't smell burning batteries and see or smell smoke, we can get the FAA to approve and fly these lemons into the sunset.

    Its the BA way - cover your tracks, lie and play the FAA as dummies. (read on)

    lithium-ion batteries in a sturdy container to keep heat, flames and toxic chemicals from escaping if the power packs overheat. This is BA answer to major 787 electrical problems. HA

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    • If the FAA allows the Dreamliner to fly with fire proof battery boxes, then pigs will fly next week and Republicans and Democrats will cross marry. Can't believe BA posted some idiot theory that they can prevent airplane fires by encasing smoldering batteries in fire proof tin boxes.

      This is the 787 DreamLiner Captain speaking. "We now have four lithium batteries burning in flight but don't worry. Even though we are over the Atlantic Ocean and a thousand miles from any landing area, our four degraded batteries that have turned into soup are protected by special boxes that don't melt and don't smell. Please sit back and enjoy the rest of the flight as the crew starts to turn off all unnecessary power like emergency exits signs and fasten your seat belt signs".

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