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  • pay4ityourself pay4ityourself Feb 27, 2013 4:23 PM Flag

    Sequester Fraud Continues


    this whole sequestration argument is merely 0bama playing out his class warfare game; 0bama in full campaign mode. Why even Common Cause is asking 0bama to stop campaigning and to start leading. Fat chance.

    What does 0bama want? Simple .. higher taxes on the rich. He already got a 4.6% increase in the tax rate on the rich in December. Then he added another 3.8% tax rate increase on many of the investments these evil rich people make. Then there’s a 0.9% Medicare tax increase on the rich, and more income tax surcharges coming up for rich people who don’t buy into his 0bamaCare health insurance plans. It seems rich people won’t be allowed to take care of their own health needs without paying a penalty. Now 0bama wants tax deductions removed so that the hideous rich will pay even more.

    0bama truly despises the rich. He believes that the colonialization of his African homeland was driven by wealth, as was the colonialization of his birthplace, Hawaii. He believes that wealth is accumulated only by oppressing and victimizing others. And he KNOWS that political power can be gained and maintained by demonizing the rich and generating class envy and even hatred.

    This has been one of 0bama’s primary goals since he came into power. Demonize the wealth. Create and encourage envy, then hatred. Since the day he took office he has pounded the rich on the taxes they pay. First he said they “needed” to pay their fair share. They he said they “were not” paying their fair share. Never did he acknowledge that the top one-percent of income earners were earning 17% of the income but paying about 38% of the income taxes. He knew that he had the media on his side on this … that those numbers would never appear prominently in the Washington Post or New York Times, or on any of the broadcast networks. He had his cover, his protection, and his list of lies he could spread without consequence. 0bama then spreads the lie that rich people pay lower tax rates than their secretaries. Does he mention that he’s comparing capital gains taxes to income taxes? No. Why not? He doesn’t have to. It would destroy his argument, and he knows damn well the media isn’t going to call him on it.

    Now 0bama is using this sequester situation to once-again frighten the American people. He heads out to make campaign speeches telling people of the horrible consequences that will rain down on them if the horrible Republicans cause all of these disastrous spending cuts to take place because they’re protecting the rich from further tax increases.

    Disastrous spending cuts? If these spending cuts went through it would be like taking $4.60 out of a weekly food budget of $200. That’s less than a pound of coffee. This is going to cause your economic world to come to an end? Really?

    In December 0bama told the Republicans to give him his tax increases on the rich and he would talk spending cuts with them later. Now it’s later, and 0bama only wants to talk more taxes on the rich.

    0bama and Harry Reid say we need some “revenue.” Remember --- the word “revenue,” to a Democrat, is code for “tax increase.” Democrats do not recognize that revenue increases can come from economic growth. To Democrats, revenue increases ONLY come from higher taxes.

    Oh .. and these dire consequences Obama is preaching in his tax-the-rich campaign swing across the nation? Remember … he has direct control over just how the spending cuts for the Executive Department will be implemented .. and that’s pretty much everything except the congressional budgets and our federal courts. He can make them as painful or as benign as he wants. He can cut the money available for the WIC program that purportedly helps to feed the babies that mothers who can’t afford babies have, or he can work to reduce the fraud that is rampant in this program. His choice, and his choice is to make the cuts as painful as possible, and then blame the Republicans.

    In the end, I full expect Boehner and McConnell to fold. That’s their history. The Republican party has NO leadership now. There is great potential in certain Senators from Florida and Kentucky … but the Democrats are, even as you read this, working on their plans to destroy these two people as quickly as possible.

    Make your escape plans, folks.

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    • Obama has taken his campaign organization, and transformed it into a political agency where one can buy influence into the White House. For $500,000 big ones, you can sit down with our fascist leader, and buy some influence. And that's a fact. That's the price tag Obama has put on it.

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