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  • gregjanetommax gregjanetommax Mar 1, 2013 3:06 PM Flag

    wan't sequester Obama;s idea or he is against it and trying to blame it on others or the GOP


    does he think Americans are stupid? yes he does he proves it every day. Tax millionaires and billionaires ha ha, which got him elected now we find out its US not him he wants to tax. Payroll tax, property tax, death tax, sales tax, tax tax tax to pay for things we really do not need

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    • Even a braindead liberal should be able to connect the dots pretty soon. He doesn't want to be attached to much of anything. He wants to play the fantacy game that he's there to rectify the wrongs....he is the wrong. He didn't even campaign for ObamaCare. Now he doesn't want to attach himself to the sequestor, just blame the GOP for causing it to take place. The guy's a dangerous joke.

    • " Does he think Americans are stupid?" Yes, of course he does, and you would too if you were Obama. He must be laughing.

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    • Yes, The Bommer signed the bill . He did it to get Reps. to agree to give him more revenue, and get
      a little more from rich people "like himself" . He got more revenue, then failed to cut any spending as
      he had promised in return, so as he had already agreed to, and signed into law, the automatic spending
      cuts have kicked in . What's hilarious is that now Mr. Responsible is acting like he was blind sided by
      this whole thing, and that it was entirely not his doing . Next he will be blaming his "predecessor" .

      Y.T. Jumbojetski

    • Greg, Yes it certainly was Obamamaniac's idea, but he is afraid it may hurt the economy, therefore blame the republicans. The guy is a damn liar, but the press refuses to say a word that might make the fake look bad. I'm glad the republicans let it happen, and they will give Obama credit, although they should not, since it is the best thing that could of happened. The only problem with the sequester is that it doesn't make go far enough with cuts, and the military should not of been included in those cuts.

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    • "things we really do not need"
      Speaking of "need," how is that ESL class going? Remember, your are not too late to make something of your miserable life.
      Mastering English or even achieving 5th-grade level would help immensely.

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