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  • ppedroli Mar 1, 2013 5:47 PM Flag

    Attention: Liberals of America, Obama "IS" about to make you Look REALLY BAD!!!

    Thought I would Check In and WARN You LIBERALS Here that the "2013 Global Recession" IS Coming to America in Q2 ALL Thanks to Obama and his BAND of FOOLS he has Assembled in the White House. Today's Income Report and National Savings Rate along with the "NEW Taxes" Obama has Imposed on Middle America GUARANTEES Recession beginning in Q2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND you have ONLY Obama to BLAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    READ All About it Where "The REAL News Matters"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • JoeDokes told you that long ago. That was a fact that had to happen given Obama, and his liberal friends denial of basic ECON 101. The Middle Class and the poor will always pay dearly for liberal policy going forward. Money can not be destributed by a big govt bureacracy downward, and create anything positive where the rubber meets the road. Layers upon layers of new govt bureaucracy get created, and crony capialism takes place. Rich liberal contributors just get richer.

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      • ppedroli Mar 1, 2013 6:23 PM Flag

        Watch How "Obamacare" TURNS even Liberals into Conservatives when the Full Impact of the Costs hits the Household Balance Sheet. CBO says Obamacare WILL Added $6.6 TRILLION to the Federal Debt over the next 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2013 IS going to set up the U.S. Economy for a Recession that will make 2008 look like it was nothing more than a BAD Weekend in Vegas!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read All About it Where "The REAL News Matters"!!!!!!!!

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