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  • ericwaldron11433 ericwaldron11433 Mar 1, 2013 8:08 PM Flag

    nuclear weapons, for whites only

    johnson plan to bomb china, clinton try to sanction india, and now obama is threaten Iran, nuclear weapons is bad, only for some. given their record, "the world community" should be concern with nuclear in their hand, after all, they enslaved, colonized, committed genocide against other, a valid case could be made that nuclear weapons in europeans hands are dangerous, but fair play was never part of the game. Iran weapons program cannot be stop only be slowed, their own intelligence indicate this. what would happen if Iran is bombed, and an few years later obtain the bomb. after all Johnston rationale for bombing China, was that they are maniac revolutionary, and Clinton/bush had to swallow their pride and visit India, India is the West only hope of contained an increasing belligerent China. of course the white media never mention the CIA/British/Israel "operation Ajay, in which they paid criminals, mafia and thugs to destabilized a democratic Iran, (repeated a million times in iran textbooks), they install the Shah, who proceed to murder 10,000 citizens. Poor Jimmy Carter on one hand had to defend the sickly Shah, and promoting human rights on the other. Iran will get their weapons, and many other will, Brazil, south africa, nationalism will take hold, and leaders will respond to them. and as indian PM said to Clinton, "now we can sit down at the table as equal"

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