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  • waynedickenson961 waynedickenson961 Mar 5, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    Boeing stock lags the Dow for the year to date ,netflix went fro 78 to 180 in the past 3 months boeing sucks


    how many 787 have been delivered since January 15 , ZERO, while another user points out that Boeing stock has as yet not made it to 80 nflx has gone from where Boeing is now at about 78 to 180 in three months. that is a 130% gain , you cant tell me that it is not obvious in three months that anyone can not figure that out, is a mystery to me . S for foulmoutharbor, to post that Boeing hit a inter day high at what , $78.34 and another user is constantly indicating his wait for a Boeing stock price of 80 wow that is a gain of 2% What is wrong with these two ? in three months stock like mtg and rdn of which I have been in rdn nwo for three months and will get out whenthe bell is rung like now as the stock market tops and see if it pulls back , both mtg and rdn are a gain of over 120% compared to Boeing .

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