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  • waynedickenson961 waynedickenson961 Mar 7, 2013 6:54 PM Flag

    the 787 firebird a spontaneously combustable airplane and the passengers will go for a box nota fix ?


    This is truly pathetic performance by Boeing. Outsourcing the testing is called having the fox guard the hen house. I suspect the oversight was not the fault of Boeing engineers but by the the upper management more concerned about the bottom line. I wonder how they are going to fare in their Performance Management evaluation? Its it going to be "met" or "exceeded expectation"? When and how are they going to be punished? Boeing: "Gee - look at all the money we saved by outsourcing the testing and development of the 787 batteries!"
    And how much did you save, Boeing by outsourcing something as vital to the safety and integrity of the 787 aircraft? And how much did you lose in worldwide image as a result of the battery failures?

    Penny wise, pound foolish. If the powers-that-be who authorized the outsourcing received bonuses and other rewards, then they should all return their ill-gotten gains. Never happen...BAU. No heads will roll. The only plausible "fix" to this mess, is to abandon the lithium ion battery until it is deemed safe Yeah, not flying on that thing. Boeing wants to put a big box around it to contain the fire. I want no part of flying on a plane that might catch fire, no matter how large or safe the box. The 787 has taught Boeing that it cannot outsource risk and this is a company that has become risk averse while upper management watches the bonus rewards. Boeing outsourced its integrity to the McD and GE bean counters The FireBird should be abandoned, and a SAFE airplane should be designed as a replacement I would not fly on a DC-10! As passengers line up against the FireBird perhaps Boeing of Chicago will realize their mistake, And, to that point, how did risk management address this outsourced testing?

    Li-ion battery technology was not only new for Boeing commercial airplanes, but it was known to be dangerous (restricted by prior regulation from flights) To fail to "integration test" the battery with its safety components suggests "risk management

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