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  • ali_infesto ali_infesto Mar 20, 2013 8:56 PM Flag

    Reid used military deaths to push his spending addiction today

    What a complete #$%$. Reid was eviscerated by the military for his use of dead service men to push his political agenda.

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    • ush was backed up by many, many democrats in congress. Matter of fact they pressed Bush to begin the war when Bush was going through the long investigation process that the UN was conducting on Iraq. And Iraq did violate 16 of the UN resolutions against Iraq, any one of them justification for going to the braindead that talks about "supporting Bush" is just that...braindead. Remember this about liberalism...liberals have to keep the spending going buying votes, or liberalism dies. And that is why Harry is lying to keep the spending going, and the masssive debt it is creating. There can be no cutting back.

    • Reid claimed that the soldiers who were accidentally killed in training exercises died because of sequestration which is pure BS. Using these deaths to complain about a lousy 2% reduction of initial increase in spending (still a net increase in spending) while taxpayers saw an actual 3.6% cut in their income, makes Harry Reid look like a fool, well actually it just adds to the proof that he is a fool. Is anybody else stupid enough to believe that the sequester led to the deaths of these soldiers?

    • infested who backed his own hittler (junior Bush) in his criminal invasion of Iraq trumps up a lie not heard before about one of the great Democrats of this nations history- What a joke

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      • Where did I back up Bush? To the contrary I incriminated all Dems as Bush supporters in going to war, Then I pointed out Barry was as guilty as Bush regarding any war crimes investigation. Chomsky, Nader West and many other liberals consider Obama as bad or worse than Bush when it comes to war crimes.

        You live with your head buried so far up Barry's anal sphincter that your have no idea what is going on and you can't even comprehend what I write. Why don't you read Chomsky's arguments for why Obama is worse than Bush and explain to me and others here why Chomsky is wrong? Grace us all with your profound and deep insights.

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