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  • gregjanetommax gregjanetommax Apr 3, 2013 1:52 PM Flag

    New EPA regulations could increase the price of gas by nine cents ISN'T THAT A LAUGH SINCE OBAMA TOOK OFFICE THE PRICE 1.83 TO 4.00 AND



    Higher Gas Prices the ‘Price of Cleaner Air’

    ABC, CBS, NBC promote new EPA regulations, undermine critics.

    Published: 4/3/2013 10:53 AM ET

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    By Mike Ciandella

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    New EPA regulations could increase the price of gas by nine cents or more when they take effect in the next four years, American Petroleum Institute (API) scientists say. However, ABC, CBS and NBC news programs gave little credence to those concerns, and hyped EPA’s claims of “significant health benefits” instead.

    ABC was the worst of the three. Diane Sawyer and Jim Avila on the March 29 “World News” spoke of alleged benefits of the new environmental regulations which would further reduce sulfur emissions. Meanwhile, “World News” not only failed to give equal time to opponents of the regulations, they portrayed them as greedy.

    “The American oil industry, with net profits of more than $300 billion over the last five years, says big oil and the nation’s drivers cannot afford to pay even a penny more to further reduce the amount of air polluting sulfur in gasoline,” Avila said sternly, while the number “$300 billion” hovered over a graphic of an offshore oil rig.

    Avila did include a representative of API, in which he asked “you can’t afford one to ten cents a gallon?” The only clip they included of the API representative related to earning profits for shareholders, further bolstering ABC’s image of gas and oil companies as greedy polluters.

    The new regulations would slash emissions of certain pollutants by up to 80 percent, including reducing sulfur emissions by 60 percent, according to the official EPA press release. Oil companies and Republican lawmakers argue that the regulations would have little or no environmental benefits, while noticeably increasing the price of gas. Diane Sawyer referred to such a cost increase as “the price of cleaner air” in her introduction to Avila’s report.

    But according to an API press release, the

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