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  • jumbojetski jumbojetski Apr 24, 2013 10:19 PM Flag

    George Bush Kept Us Safe For Eight Years

    The dead Boston bomber ( R.I.H. ) has been on the U.S. Gov. terrorist list for eighteen months,
    and Russia tipped off U.S. State Dept. about him more recently .
    Meanwhile, dims have been worried about your magazine capacity .

    Y.T. Jumbojetski

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    • sdietrich Apr 25, 2013 1:03 PM Flag

      Now them namby pamby dems are trying to regulate who can buy explosives! Started with guns now this! Where will it stop. We's gots a right to bear arms!

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      • Who can buy explosives has been regulated since the early 1970s
        thanks to radical Liberal Bill Ayers, and the Weather Men Underground bombings .
        Before that time dynamite could be bought in the local country hardware stores, and
        often was because it was used to blow stumps, I watched that activity with great
        interest as a child . At that time anyone who miss-used dynamite was dealt with
        personally and harshly by the authorities, the dynamite itself was not blamed .
        It was a very different, and much better world before a lot of Liberal freaks and
        their terrorist friends were allowed to run around loose in the good old USA .

        Y.T. Jumbojetski

    • The capacity of libs is an overload if it is two. Just one rattles around in a lot of empty space. GW Bush keep folks working, and unemployment regarded as FULL EMPLOYMENT (4.5% unemployed) because of his support for TAX REBATES for those that paid in fed. taxes. Fed. and state tax coffers overflowed under Bush....until the libs came up with their mortgages for flakes who couldn't pay them back, and that took down European countries as well.

    • The teahadists have a short memory when it comes to the number of terrorist attacks during dubyah’s failed reign:

      1. 9/11
      2. DC Sniper Terrorist Shootings
      3. Anthrax attacks
      4. Shoe bomber (albeit, i failed)
      5. Center for Urban Horticulture destroyed. ELF members plead guilty.
      6. Tacoma, Washington abortion clinic bombing
      7. Attack at LAX against El Al ticket counter
      8. Hughes & Dunahoe firebomb abortion clinic
      9. Women’s Health Clinic bombed in Palm Beach burned
      10. SUV attack at UNC
      11. Seattle Jewish Federation shooting, Egyptian shoots six
      12. McMenemy abortion clinic arson attempt. Not an actual clinic, he was mistaken.
      13. IEDs tossed at Mexican Consulate in NYC.
      14. Altman & Baca arrested for the abortion clinic arson
      15. Planned Parenthood arson in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
      16. IED attacked attempted at women’s health clinic in Austin
      17. Virginia Tech Shootings
      18. Dr. Nicholas Barth right-wing terrorism in NY
      19. Dr. Tiller killed at the hands of a right-wing terrorist who worshiped Fox News and O'Reilly
      20. 12 embassy attacks under his watch (where is the fake Benghazi-like outrage?)

    • Why does Bush get a total freaking pass on the first worst attack in US history that killed 3,000 people on his watch, especially since the 9/11 Commission concluded that 6 of the 10 major missed opportunities to prevent 9/11 occurred under Mr. Kept Us Safe's watch?...We're just supposed to give him a mulligan on that?

    • The job of being President
      is too big for any man or woman.
      I do not fault Obama for the
      terrorist attack in Boston anymore
      than I do Bush for 9/11. In the
      same way I do not fault Bush for
      not keeping the economy safe at
      near the end of his Presidency.
      Its what the President's do when
      confronted with these unwanted
      events that rates the President,
      both deserve high marks.

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