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  • waynedickenson961 waynedickenson961 Jul 12, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    SCTY or Boeing or Airbus which one make stockholders more money ?


    use CNN money, use the stock chart, Airbus up 213%long term betters Boeing up 70% in five years look it up, Airbus bettered Boeing by a huge margin. Why bother, with boeing stock investment both Airbus and Boeing pay very close to the same dividend, there are much better stocks to make money on. I pointed out on May 3, to buy TSLA then TSLA made 100% gain in 15 trade days. and I have been pointing out this stock for a year now too, SCTY it's up 15% in five trade days ,118% in 3 months and 266% year to date why would you listen to the Boeing barkers who make gibberish claims ? make money, by not listening to Boeing hacks who are making barking circus door comments, look at . the facts Boeing is not a good investment, the 787 is 4 years late to market, 30 billion over cost estimate, grounded , 4 months with a dangerous battery box to cover the unknown cause of the lithium fire , with continued problems. remember the Boeing CEO consulted wit the TSLA CEO about how he was able to make his battery safe, and that company stock reached a new high today tesla up huge compared to boeing so go with a winner TSLA, it by fact, is a better stock than Boeing . the CEO of Tesla is also the same guy who runs SCTY Elon Musk , an opinion, find a great leader and go with him ! Elon Musk made paypal too! Elon Musk is a self made billionaire, like Steve jobs was , Not a fired GE executive like James McNerney CEO of Boeing, who was told to leave by his boss, Jack Welch. Now any claim that I was fired is just a big bark my name is not Wayne Dickenson, like tallicat9300 is probably also uniposter99 which is also spartacus99991 it is al he has for the truth about Boeing bettered by Airbus, SCTY and TSLA

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    • the dividends are paid out quarterly for Boeing, however listening to World travelers including my experience Airbus has a roomer plane. Boeing management gets failing marks especially with the subcontract package on the 787. no Oversite while laying off these people at Boeing. A big big mistake. I am contemplating a 60/40 investment. Boeing management and internal nepotism rather then performance seems to win a bit like Cronie Capitalism trying to pick the winners rather then on merit

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