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  • spartacus67517 spartacus67517 Jul 13, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

    Why is the New Black Panther party ALWAYS on hand to fan the flames of hatred


    ask yourself who is funding these people....ITs ALWAYS meant to be about race instead of about issues. We all need to come together...the Global Elite WANT us to be at each others throats since we are not looking at the modes of control...the people that are controlling us....racist balkanization and race baiting are a way to CONTROL US...wake up

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    • lot of truth to that. I had a liberal approach me today about Medicare. He said GOP are trying to get rid of Medicare. I said, I thought they were trying to save it for future generations. He stormed away. Its like the Chicago pension plans nearly $1B in the red, but somehow that's ok with them.

    • what else is their reason for being ??

    • sdmiller4747 Jul 13, 2013 4:48 PM Flag

      Race is not an issue unless Al Sharpton is willing to say it is. He's a Race Baiter! In Sharpton's eyes, everything is race related. Unfortunately, there's lots of people out there that love to cry wolf all the time! These people do not want peace and harmony. They want tension and friction because they are the true haters! Al Sharpton, "Fk peace and harmony!" Segregation makes him that much more relevant in his own eyes.

    • You don't think race is an issue? You must be white.

    • Unfortunately Obama likes to use crisis situations to further his crazy agenda, but this race1st stuff will be very hard to stop once it gets started. It will be a long time before the USA recovers from the Bush and Obama regimes and the mindless propaganda the young people are exposed to in the media and schools. It is probably too late to avoid the decline, because the well is poisoned. Some of the red states will be OK, and the dark blue states will serve as an example of how leftist policies destroy a society, as they already are doing now. I think there is trouble ahead for us, no matter what we do now.

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      • once pensions plans in Illinois go bankrupt and the checks stop there will be riots in the street. the Dem Party will not balance their budget...all for the vote. The gov has stopped state congress paychecks to get it done but it won't. When the riots start Obama will justify the pensions in the Federal Budget. Then the next Liberal State will follow suite NJ, CA and that will bring our Society hating each other. Liberals politicians chasing the vote while the nations falls off a cliff. Thanks Liberals. spreading the message of hate, rage and race.

    • Don't worry, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are down there

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