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  • truthbtoldhonest truthbtoldhonest Jul 15, 2013 8:42 AM Flag

    Whoa - Investigation to take one to two weeks (bad news for BA)

    For three big reasons

    Flying Public doesn't like boarding 787 knowing they have to wait five to ten days to find out the Dreamliner in critically flawed.

    Airlines currently using the 787 are open to major lawsuits should 787's in operation on ground or in air crash or while in operation in anyway malfunction causing passenger injury.

    Airlines with 787 back orders are between a rock and a hard place knowing they either cancel plane orders now or possibly accept flying coffins at some later date.

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    • Please explain the motivation behind your post. If you think Boeing price will drop, sell if you are long, short if you have No position, or add to short if u are short. How do you know how and what the flying public thinks? Are you a Psychiatrist or Public health specialist? I think you are just trying to feed rumors and / or enjoy stake holders who are weak holders. Post something you know.

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      • Fountain123_45 - What first poster is saying is the longer the investigation drags out the more likely there is a serious problem with the 787. Each day that goes by increases the chances that the investigation team is finding serious problems with the Dreamliner. If the problem or problems were simple they would be announced today, ending all this insane uncertainly on passengers who might have to fly the 787 due to no recourse. People do not like to fly on planes that are being investigated for faulty workmanship or electrical hazards.

        The longer it takes for a report to go public, the odds increase the Dreamliner has serious problems and could be mothballed for sometime.

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