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  • ali_infesto ali_infesto Jul 23, 2013 5:41 PM Flag

    Soap in a sponge: The enduring myth that George Zimmerman was told not to get out of his car

    William A. Jacobson
    Clinical Professor of Law,
    Cornell Law School

    There are many lessons to be learned from the media miscoverage of the George Zimmerman shooting of Trayvon Martin.

    We’ve dealt repeatedly with the false “hoodie” and racial narratives, the ludicrous audio and video analyses, and the misunderstanding of the role Stand Your Ground played [actually, did not play] in the case.

    We’ve seen post-trial articles about how the prosecution failed to “humanize” Trayvon, without addressing that the prosecution deliberately didn’t go there because it would have brought into evidence Trayvon’s history of fighting, drug use and illegal weapons possession. Rachel Jeantel’s post-trial interview on CNN also raised the possibility that the fight was started by Trayvon out of homophobic fear that Zimmerman was a sexual predator.

    In this sea of media malpractice, one enduring fabrication lives on despite conclusive trial testimony, the concept that Zimmerman was ordered, instructed, or told not to get out of his car by the 911 operator.

    I completely debunked this concept when it was assumed by Jonathan Capehart at WaPo, In busting Zimmerman myths, Jonathan Capehart perpetuates the greatest myth of all. I emailed Capehart about it, he responded “fair point,” and as of this writing the offending comment about Zimmerman being told not to get out of this car no longer is in Capehart’s column. Good for him.

    But the myth lives on in part because other media is not as responsible.
    The BA Board race pimps keep claiming that Zimmerman was advised to stay in his car. That is false and Sean Noffke the non-emergency operator testified that he never advised Zimmerman to stay in his car and in fact testified that he gave NO ADVICE to Zimmerman. That is the testimony of the man involved it is FACT in a court of law but not good enough for race pimps.

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