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  • waynedickenson961 waynedickenson961 Aug 8, 2013 4:13 PM Flag

    Am I to understand that I will be slandered and taunted until I leave Boeing message board?


    well good luck with that plan
    and company
    remember TSLA is up 363% year to date and Boeing is not
    Airbus is up more than 125% better than the shabby 56% five year gain for Boeing John Hart-Smith called it in 2001 MD outsourcing will bankrupt Boeing like it di MD he should know he came from MD
    Boeing stock will peak at 107 and retrace to 71 per tom O"Brien so far he is right Boeing stock has gone down for 4 day in a row while Airbus stock has gone up for 4 days in a row,.

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    • It never ceases to amaze me how a person who claims to have made a fortune in the markets spends so much time on a message board.Tell the truth wayne,your in moms basement posting away on cmultiple computers.I feel sorry for you.

    • Slandered and taunted? Awfully full of yourself, don't you think?

      You repeatedly post things that are, at best, highly inaccurate, others that are patently false, others that are outright lies and still others that are just ridiculous, apparently in some vain attempt to paint Boeing in an unflattering light because of the mountain-sized chip on your shoulder. As a result, you have no credibility, not on this board and certainly not with me. You then complain when people try to set the record straight and criticize you for being a douche bag. You bring it on yourself and have nobody to blame but the guy in the mirror, but you clearly get some kind of sick reward for doing so however or you wouldn't continue to do it.

      You know, there are plenty of genuine, factually accurate things to be critical of Boeing, its executives and senior management about. There's really no need to make stuff up.

      As for Airbus ... I know people who have worked for Airbus and have a close friend who did for several years until just recently when she decided to go back to college to get her Phd. Airbus has its own problems and really isn't the flawless machine you like to portray them as.

      Finally, I have a job at Boeing that I enjoy, that pays me more money than I ever imagined I'd make, with pretty darn good benefits, certainly more than what most people get, working with some really great people, doing fun and interesting things on an almost daily basis that most people never get an opportunity to do. You do not. It's a shame you threw it all away and are now on the outside looking in, unable to let go, unable to accept responsibility for your actions and unable to just move on. You are a bitter, angry, little man, swimming in a sea of misery due to a massive personal problem with no solution anywhere in sight. I am so glad I'm not you.

    • is waynedick ... to understand that he/she will be slandered and taunted until he/she leave Boeing message board?

      wayne seems to be very perceptive _

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