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  • hoozdik_hertz_9116 hoozdik_hertz_9116 Oct 15, 2013 6:09 PM Flag

    White House Spokesperson: We Will Not ‘Pay Ransom To The Tea Party’

    White House Spokesman Jay Carney told reporters during an afternoon press briefing that the administration is not impressed with the House Republicans’ deal that emerged this morning, and reiterated that the White House is not going to “pay ransom to the tea party in order to open the government.”

    “The right thing to do is to make no partisan demands as part of Congress doing its basic job,” he added, saying that the President is ready to have longer budget talks when “there are no guns on the table,” meaning no looming threat of default.

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    • In my opinion the Tea Party trash want the tax payer to pay for their health care. What the hell is going on in Congress! I think it's a usual bunch of greedy politicians unwilling to compromise until they all squeeze the most money out of the bargain for themselves and to hell with the rest of us. What a disgrace that our veterans have to march on Washington for their rights and benefits.

      Vote all these greedy politicians out of office. Start a grass roots movement for term limits.

    • That's because they can't borrow any more money to pay the ransom. More barking from the Obonzo carnival. lol

      car•ney (ˈkɑr ni)

      n., pl. -nies or -neys.
      1. a person employed by a carnival.

      2. carnival (def. 1).

      [1930–35; carn (ival) + -y2]

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