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  • ireadhistory2 ireadhistory2 Nov 18, 2013 3:04 PM Flag

    'Global warming' protest greeted by snowstorm -- only 50 protesters show up...

    Dozens of anti-pipeline and oilsands activists gathered Saturday in downtown Calgary as part of a nation-wide protest focusing on climate change.

    The peaceful gathering in Calgary, held inside the Plus—15 walkway between the headquarters of Enbridge and TransCanada Corp., was part of the Defend Our Climate protest that took place in 130 communities across Canada.

    Chantal Chagnon with the Idle No More movement, said they’re trying to get the attention of the energy industry and the Canadian Parliament to the growing global opposition to “pipelines, tar sands expansions and other polices that contribute to runaway climate change.”

    “We’re seeing the effects of global warming and we can’t keep denying it because obviously something is happening,” Chagnon said.

    “We have to take advantage of our knowledge at this point and really change our behaviour, change our way of development.

    “We can’t keep developing infinitely on a finite world.”

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    • Deniers are continually using single events to prove their "point" shows how little they understand the scientific process.

    • These protesters are basing their views on anecdotal evidence and global warming effects have not been evident other than warmer nights and slight changes in local and regional heat waves. Several studies now show that higher CO2 levels will increase crop resistance to drought and have a net positive effect for humans for at least 60 years or more.

      Google "How CO2 helped crops in the severe drought summer of 2012."

      'Trees Using Water More Efficiently as Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Rises'

      DURHAM, NH, July 10, 2013 – A study by scientists with the U.S. Forest Service, Harvard University and partners suggests that trees are responding to higher atmospheric carbon dioxide levels by becoming more efficient at using water.

      The study, “Increase in forest water-use efficiency as atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations rise,” was published on-line today in the journal Nature. Dave Hollinger, a plant physiologist with the U.S. Forest Service’s Northern Research Station, is a co-author with lead author Trevor Keenan of Harvard University and colleagues from The Ohio State University, Indiana University, and the Institute of Meteorology and Climate in Germany.

      These progressive protesters are nothing but anti-human dirt worshippers.

    • something that escapes the pitiful RWNJ and bagger mentality is the fact that global warming is causing world wide disruption of old weather patterns- we can expect extremely violent weather along with occasional sharp down ticks in temperature- the poor RWNJ who somehow gets by with his substandard education or no education will never comprehend these facts

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      • Superstorms will be less frequent in the future Zo. Science Magazine has the facts for you in an article titled "No more Superstorm Sandys expected for a long time". You can also google "Model projections of atmospheric steering of Sandy-like superstorms" should you be interested in reading the actual study directly from the scientists like I do. Your climate science sources are bogus.

    • The only thing that looks dumber than a Democrat trying to defend Obama is a bunch of brain-dead liberals standing knee deep in snow protesting Global Warming.

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