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  • hugswilltravel hugswilltravel Dec 25, 2013 2:10 PM Flag

    Wow! Call for a Revote, While some IAM751 Members are Still on Vacation


    Why would a Union Leadership allow it? A Contract that incomplete, Take away Dominated, With Minor changes that failed by 67%. I smell a Skunk, And it's Spraying Bigtime.

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    • Now I Smell Two Skunk's......And Who Let The Fox, In The Hen House?

    • If Department Of Labor Ignores This Obvious Vote Injustice. They Will Be Looked At As A Participant In The Farce. And Just Going Through The Motion's.

    • yes I heard n that 8000 people were still on vacation and that the vote only passed by 600 votes. Who was responsible for calling a vote so close to their people being on vacation? The Local or the International? If I was a member I would call for an investigation too.

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      • If you're on vacation, don't you get notified that an important vote is taking place? How much time was given to the members before the vote took place? I would not expect 100% turn out of voters but 60%-70% would seem more likely. Of those 8000 people on vacation, how many knew about the voting but didn't care to show up?

      • About 600 votes separated yes from no in the latest vote, union officials said on Friday, and about 8,000 of the 31,000 eligible union members did not vote. That is much higher than the prior vote in November, when about 4,500 did not vote, said Lester Mullen, a District 751 council delegate who works on the 777 wing production line.

        Some Boeing Co machinists plan to push for a recount or even a new vote on their latest labor contract with the aircraft maker, possibly extending a long-running drama over which state will get to work on Boeing's new 777X jet.

        But union leaders said there would need to be a reason to take such a step and that no formal request for action had been made.

        "The vote is over and it was counted under the eyes of the members," said R. Thomas Buffenbarger, president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), which represents the Boeing machinists and other workers in the United States and Canada.

        "The tally is what it is."

      • Why doesn't the local release the exact vote totals (yes, no, invalid, total eligible) for both the Nov and Jan votes? Then we could see what the differences are. Transparency would go a long way to understanding what went on.

    • DOL Must Get Involved In Shady Vote. Called During Winter Vacation. 8000 Member's Left Out Of Process. Last Minute Revote.. Especially At A Time, Union International President Already Under Investigation for Same Ploy By Department Of Labour. Third World Countrie's Are Watched More Closely Than American, Where's The Justice? 8 Billion In Taxpayer's Money Involved.

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