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  • elonmusk909 elonmusk909 Dec 30, 2013 4:11 PM Flag

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    I think you’ll agree that Boeing’s demands for concessions on retirement and health benefits – plus limits on future wages – were unreasonable, especially considering how we have delivered record numbers of airplanes and record profit margins( the 737 & 777 we made the company 15% profit margins) McNerney’s union busting folly, the 787 cost the company 100 million loss per plane delivered this year. And, if you compare the two offers, you’ll see that the only real difference between November’s offer and the more-recent one is that Boeing proposed to take away just a fraction less.
    • Because of the massive takeaways,reject this offer
    • Freezing pensions, eliminating them for new Machinists and replacing them with a “savings plan” so vague you can not tell anything about how it would work.
    • • Raising everyone’s health care contributions by as much as $4,000 a year over 2011 levels by the end of the contract.
    • • Limiting future wage increases to 1 percent every other year, and locking in current starting pay rates until 2024, when thousands of Boeing jobs would be below minimum wage.

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    • “We are faced then with a choice to destroy everything that we have built over 78 years in order to save Boeing from making a decision that puts the future of the company, all its employees (union and non-union alike) and the stockholders at risk,” District 751 President Tom Wroblewski wrote in a letter to members. “If the company chooses this path of destruction, then they are responsible for it. We, as union members, do not have control over it and have a contract in place through 2016.”

    • In another post the other day you said that Airbus makes a 10 percent profit and that Boeing only made 5 percent profit on every airplane assembled. Now in the above post you are claiming that Boeing is making a 15 percent profit.

      So which is it, 5 percent or 15 percent?

      I am sure that you are going to comeback with, that with every 787 Boeing delivers they lose 100 million dollars per airplane.

      However, Boeing already wrote off all of the losses on quarterly statements since the beginning of 2008. The fact that Boeing continually wrote-off losses they had in development of the 787 allows them to profit on each 787 that is delivered.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • You need to get in pace with the 'times'. Many corporations are doing what BA is attempting to do. BA cannot make a profit given what the unions demand. Their competition is REAL and they (the competition) don't have the employee costs that BA has. IBM froze pensions and had employees AND retirees pay into their medical premiums years ago in order to stay competitive.

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      • zer0toI, you said," you need to get in pace with the times , and many corps are doing what Ba is attempting to do. BA can not make a profit," BA makes 3.9 billion after all costs profit per yearhas 90 billion in assets , , has enough free cash to buy back 10 billion of its own stock over 2-3 years, has 8 years of bake orders of planes and the two lines mking the highest margin of prifits are the 737 and the 777 all union lines at 15% net net, the only line dragging down Boeing is the cheap union busting line the outsourced non union 787 line that is costing Boeing 100 million per plane deliver minus.and the failed James McNerney 747-8 2 billion dollar fail on the upgrade of the 747 the plane has basically nil orders compared to even the worst of Aribus their A380 which has259 orders and 119 deliveries . Airbus is more heavily unionized than Boeing made 10% net net profit company wide Boeing with going partial non union has dropped to 5% net net. So much for your rant against union benefits and pension take aways if James Mcnerney really believed this crapola he would not be taking a quarter million dollar pension per month from Boeing for life

    • When Boeing moved to Chicago the master plan was set. Give IAM whatever to avoid a strick while moving the company one piece at a time. Look at the unfunded pension funds.

    • Go right ahead and
      shoot yourselves in
      the foot. When you
      guys lose your jobs
      and see economic
      doom and gloom
      all around you,
      remember your
      Own egos passed up
      a lucrative Boeing
      deal by voting No.

    • according to the Post & Gazette paper (S.C.) Boeing is expanding building operations with plans on more facilities.I know they need a paint hanger because now they fly the 787 to Tezas to get painted, BUT whats the othere factory space for?? I figure this. Boeing is going to do what they want anyways, if they can stall the Wa. people for another 8 years until they get the new facilities built and workforce trined they will be happy. And all by fooling the workforce in Wa. state.They didn't buy all that land in S.C for mobile home parks.
      I also read an article from the Seattle Times paper a yr. ago with an interview with the ex CEO Phil Condiy.Vert good too. You have to read between the lines to get the jist of what the truth was though.
      J.M.O. from what I've read in both newspapers.

    • May I know the educational qualifications of the average Union employee at Boeing? Having said that who gave you that skill? If the answer is High school and Boeing gave you the skill, it would be wise for every union member to appreciate. Salaries / wages should be comparable among industries requiring similar skills. What happens if Boeing decides that they have had enough and moves the facilities to a right to work state.

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      • fountain123_45, you said ,"May I know the educational qualifications of the average union employee at boeing?" Answer,. Are you unable to look it up then? I will speek for my self I have (2) Master level Graduate degree's, earned while working full time When I came to Boeing I was a journeylevel trades person with certifications in welding and carpentry, and spent a month in a pre hire school l proving I was ready to do the job. At Boeing I cantantly too classes and obtained certs to make myself more useful to boeing on my own time. fountain123_45 , do you really think an education is not expected from a 2013 entry level Boeing job applicant, you are a troll!

      • They all ready have ultra-intellignet one. Can you say 787? Not working out to good is it brain child?

    • And what's worse is our own international Union is telling us this is a better deal? A better deal from what!
      Only in America can McNerney make such a blunder on the 787 and still have a job, let alone making millions in bonuses. But I guess he plans to make up his mistake at our expense.

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